About Us

Everyone remembers their first festival. It’s magical, it’s different, it’s way too much fun. And then you’re hooked. We became, well, more obsessed.

We actually didn’t start off going to festivals together. We both have a different “first festival”, and we discovered this love of festivals completely independent of each other.

Nicole’s first festival: First City Festival (Monterey, CA)

Jessica’s first festival: High Sierra (Quincy, CA)

But we soon realized it was an experience we needed to have together! We’ve been best friends since high school, and there’s not much we haven’t done with each other. It was actually ridiculous that we had been going to festivals without each other!

And that’s how we ended up going to Outside Lands in 2015. After that, we realized we each would forever have a festival partner! Finally, someone to obsessively plan with!

Each of us attend anywhere from 4-10 festivals in a given year and countless shows on top of that. Festivals are just what we do. We realized, why not share our experiences and tips we’ve learned. Why not share what festivals we’ve loved and how we’ve planned for them.

Whether you’re here to get some tips or you’re just here to live vicariously through us, welcome! We’re so excited to share!